My partner

He does everything for us, he works so hard so that we can have the things that we have. Because of him I can stay home with Kory, because of him we live in a nice house, we have food on the table and holidays and such to look forward to.

He’s so much more than just my partner, dad to our son, he is my best friend. We’ve been together since we were 15, he’s been with me through thick and thin. I tell him all the time how much he means to us and how much we appreciate him but instead I thought I would show him by dedicating this post to him.

Men like my partner are few and far between, I’ve seen the women in my life be treated like dirt by men and I know that Rory would never do that.

I’m so lucky.

I hope our son grows up to be even half of the man that you are, I would be so proud. I tell you all the time but incase you didn’t know it already,

I love you.


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