Dear Kory,

The news this morning about a terrorist attack in our home city, Manchester is breaking my heart. For the victims. For their families.

And for you. For you, your friends and your generation.

I fear that these incidents are only going to happen more and more as you get older and it makes me so sick to think that I cannot protect you from the barbaric individuals who do things like this.

As you grow up, you may think that it makes more sense and is safer to just ‘stay in and not do anything’. 
As your mother, who loves you so much it hurts, I have this message for you. ‘Do not do that. Go out…. and do EVERYTHING.’

Do everything you want to do.
Go everywhere you want to go.
See everyone you want to see.
Go to that party at the club, go to school and university, go travelling and get on that plane, ride on the underground and go to that sports match, go on that holiday and see those sights, go to that shopping centre, go to that concert, go see that movie, go eat at that restaurant…

Yoy may think that is a strange thing for me to want you to do. 
But my reason is this:

All your life, my job… is to protect you. Protect you from monsters. Most of those monsters, I can keep away from you, scare off, reassure you have gone away and won’t come back. 

But not these monsters.

These monsters do horrible things all over the world. These monsters I cannot always protect you from. 
And as a parent, that is the hardest thing in the world for me to come to terms with and admit to you.

But if I cannot fight these monsters for you, I’m sure as hell gonna teach you how to do that yourself.

By. Just. Living. Your. Life.

They don’t want you to do that.
They don’t win if you do that.

So do it.


Never be afraid to enjoy yourself and live your life to the fullest.

I cannot guarantee that one day, you may not come face to face with their horrors and destruction. I cannot guarantee that you may not know someone who is killed in a terrorism related incident, or god forbid, are hurt yourself in their bid to injure and kill people.

But remember this…

They cannot kill strength.
They cannot kill determination.
They cannot kill love.

And your generation are going to be the strongest yet. You are going to be the most determined to beat this.
And you are going to have the most love to give because we will teach you that you mustn’t be afraid of these monsters. No matter how scary they seem.

Remember that in every story, there are goodies and baddies?

Look for the goodies, my darling.
Look at those who, like last nights attack in Manchester, are helping others.

Look for the doctors, the nurses, paramedics, hospital staff, emergency services who are at the scene and working to save and protect people.

Look for the hotel staff, taxi drivers, bus drivers… all offering to help at no cost.

Look for the passers by who are looking after each other and hugging strangers.

Look for the parents and families who have lost their children to this tragedy, speaking out to show solidarity and unity instead of hatred and revenge.

Look for the strength.
The determination.
The love.

I will not always be there to protect you from the cowards in this world who pray on the innocent and defenceless but I will teach you to find reassurance in the courage, unity and bravery you see.

I will teach you to be brave yourself.
We will teach you, our children, not to be afraid and to live harder, happier and stronger than any of us ever did.

We will hold your hands and lead you through all of this.

We will show you the heroes always beat the villains.

We promise.

* I cannot take credit for this post, all credit goes to whoever originally wrote this letter, I just felt inspired *

Is there anything you miss about the way your life was before becoming a mother?

Is it wrong to miss the way your life was before having children? No! I wouldn’t change a thing about my life, I love being a mum, however, as much as we love our kids, sometimes we just like to reminisce about how life used to be…

Remember this?

  • Not being interrupted
  • Swearing
  • Your tidy home
  • Sunday lie-ins
  • Romance
  • Adult conversation
  • Money
  • Silence
  • Eating and drinking before it goes cold

Saying that though, there’s also some things I DON’T miss about life before motherhood:

  • Hangovers
  • Being self absorbed
  • Wondering when am I going to have kids

Although sometimes I miss my old life, a cold cup of tea and a messy house are a small price to pay for the beautiful child I have, the same child who is making writing this blog post difficult by crawling all over me. Oh and the craziness he brings to my life.

We do love our children but does this sound similar to you?


I am a swearer. Sometimes I swear accidently, like when i yell when I’ve stubbed my toe (f%ck!) sometimes I swear without realising, (oh sh!t) when I drop something and sometimes when I’m angry. I don’t swear all the time, I am capable of having a conversation without dropping the f bomb but I do swear.

A lot.

Since becoming a parent, it’s been pointed out to me how much I swear and I am aware of it, I am working hard on trying to stop swearing or at least stop swearing where there’s little ears around. It’s apparent how much children copy, Kory already copies sounds I make, etc. So it’s important that I stop swearing.

Saying that, it’s also been pointed out to me that I am slightly crazy and since becoming a parent, I also feel the need to express myself more. So i do find it hard to contain swear words all the time, especially when swearing has been a part of my life for so long.

I am going to make a conscious effort to not swear in front of Kory.

Growing up, he’s going to hear swear words, he’s going to hear them from other kids, he’s going to hear them from other adults but I’m going to try my best that he doesn’t hear them from me. 

Kory’s christening day

Last week on Sunday the 7th of May 2017, it was Kory’s christening day.

Organising Kory’s christening day was a very enjoyable experience, all the planning and prepping over the last through months resulted in everything running smoothly and made for a memorable, perfect day. We even got lucky with the weather! Being new parents, our social life with friends and family has sort of been non existent so it was also nice to see and catch up with everyone whilst celebrating our sons baptism.

The service itself was beautiful, even when Kory was crying loudly throughout most of it (he was so tired, I tried to get him to take a nap before we headed for the church but he wasn’t having any of it.) The vicor probably thought he was christening the anti christ himself the way Kory threw his head back in a tantrum when the holy water touched his head.

Just kidding!

Me and Rory would like to thank everyone who came to Kory’s christening and for all his cards and very generous gifts. We are so grateful for everything and can’t thank you all enough for celebrating Kory’s day with us and making it truly special.

Here are just some of the gifts Kory received:

But my favourite gift has to be this wooden christening memory box that someone had made for us.

Now I have somewhere safe and special to keep all of our memories and keepsakes from Kory’s christening day. I highly recommend a memory box to any parent whose child is getting christened.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Kory’s first bible
  • Kory’s personalised christening shoes
  • Personalised christening banner with Kory’s name
  • Christening photo album
  • Christening candle
  • St Christopher necklace
  • All Kory’s christening cards

If you’re thinking of getting your child christened or are maybe in the middle of planning your child’s christening, here is my checklist which you may find helpful:

  • Invitations
  • Church
  • Venue
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Decorations
  • Cake

And to end this post, here are a few pictures from the day.

Proud parents.

Mum and son.

Dad and lad.

5 generations!

Parents and godparents.

Top 5 favourite activity ideas

I love play time with Kory but sometimes I’m at a loss as to what we can do together. Pinterest is a great place to find all sorts of activity ideas for you and your little one (follow me on Pinterest if you haven’t already!)

Today I am going to share with you 5 of my favourite activity ideas:

  • Reading. Even though Kory may not fully understand what I’m saying when I’m reading, I always like to read him a book out loud before bedtime whilst pointing and showing him the pictures to familiarise him with the book.
  • Painting. I love letting Kory paint with his hands and feet, it keeps him entertained and as a bonus, your little one can make pictures that you can treasure forever!

  • Sensory play. Sensory play is so important, it plays a big part in your child’s development, it’s good to let them explore with different textures and easy enough to do so! Whether you decide to make a sensory basket, sensory bag, sensory bottles, there’s literally hundreds of sensory play ideas to choose from. Again, Pinterest is great for ideas.
  • Play dough. Kory loves to explore the play dough by squishing it in his hands. Play dough can be bought or it is easy enough to make. Just watch your little one doesn’t eat it! Unless you have a recipe for edible play dough.

  • Water play. Kory is such a water baby! He loves bath time! Our water play consists of putting Kory in his bath seat, filling the bath and giving him toys to play with. So simple! Once summer time is here, a paddling pool will be great for water play too. It’s surprising how many hours of fun a jug and water brings!

I hope you liked reading my 5 favourite activity ideas, please feel free to comment and share your activity ideas. How do you keep your child entertained?

Aldi baby event

Most supermarkets have baby events and they’re a great way to grab a bargain for your little one but I always look forward to the baby event at Aldi in particular.

See what I bought from the latest Aldi baby event below:

I bought this travel cot from the baby event for £24.99. It’s available in 2 different designs. Now that Kory is on the move, I can’t leave the room without him trying to follow me or getting up to mischief so this is going to be a god send!

Aldi had a great selection of educational books to choose from, I couldn’t choose just one but for £1.99 each I didn’t mind buying them all! Kory is a little young to appreciate them but they’ll certainly come in handy as he gets older.

Kory has plenty of toys and teddys in all different colours and sizes but of course he wanted another. I didn’t mind buying him this though as we have purchased toys from the nuby range before and they’ve always been a hit.

These Heinz little kidz baby food dinners cost just £1 each. I haven’t tried Kory with these before, there was 3 different recipes to choose from as you can see above.

Well that’s all I have to share with you from this Aldi baby event, until next time…

Wishes I have for Kory

Kory is growing so fast and learning so many new things every day that I’m already thinking about his future.

Here are some wishes I have for Kory that I thought I’d share with you:

  • I wish that Kory will forgive any mistakes I’ve made and know that I’m not perfect but I tried my hardest to be the best mum that I could be

Kory is only 9 months old and I’ve already made so many mistakes. At this stage he isn’t going to remember them but as he gets older he is only going to get more aware. One day when he is old enough to look back on his childhood and recalls some of those mistakes I hope he realises that I was just a mum who loved him very much and tried her best for him.

  • I wish that he will always know he can tell me anything

Whilst I want my child to know that I am parent first and friend second, I still want Kory to know that he can confide in me as he would a friend. I want him to be able to tell me if he’s being bullied or if he’s in trouble.

  • I wish that Kory will always believe in himself and know that he can grow up to be whatever he wants to be. Whether that be an astronaut, a teacher or a stay at home dad

I have no plans to put pressure on my child to choose a certain career. I don’t believe you need a title or lots of money to be happy and I hope to pass those morals onto Kory. I will always be extremely proud of him whatever he chooses to do. I simply just want my child to be happy.

  • I wish that one day he finds someone who makes him very happy, someone to share his life with

I hope they love and adore each other very much and I hope they’re as happy together as Kory’s dad makes me. Oh and I wouldn’t mind some grand babies to spoil too!

  • I wish that Kory will always be proud of the person that he is and will not be influenced by other people’s opinions

I hope he never feels ashamed of his looks, how he dresses, the music he likes or the body he’s been given. I want him to always be true to his individual self and I hope he never falls into the trap of caring what other people think.

  • I wish that Kory will have a lifetime of health and wellness

Above all, I just want Kory to have a healthy and enjoyable life.
Thanks for reading.

Dear mums, having a bad day

This morning I wrote a note to myself and I said ‘I feel like the worst mum ever.’

I got upset after losing my patience with Kory when he just

Wouldn’t. Stop. Crying.

He would cry every time I put him down, cry every time I left the room, cry if I fed him, cry if I didn’t feed him. Other than the mum guilt, what upset me as well was the fact that I didn’t handle the situation in a way that I thought the ‘perfect mother’ would. Before I became a mum, I always pictured I would stay calm, cool and collected in every situation. But that’s just not my life. My life is full of early mornings, fighting sleep, waking in the night, tidying up after everyone, feeling tired and fed up, so yeah, sometimes I lose my shit.

I know I write about how awesome motherhood is and how what we’re doing as parents is amazing and it is! It’s just yesterday was ‘one of those days’ and believe me, they’re gonna happen. Whilst motherhood is full of joy and incredible moments, it’s also full of overwhelm, tiredness.

Sometimes we’re just hard on ourselves. So stop. Tired mum, stressed mum, crying-in-the-bathroom mum, you’re not the worst mum ever. You are just having a bad day. You’re a real mum.

Like me.

Juggling family life with blogging?

One of the many reasons I started blogging was because it seemed like something that could do really well but also allow me more time with my family.

I was wrong.

Well, at first anyway.

When I first started my blog, I was struggling to find balance between blogging and spending time with the family. Finding balance between the two proved to be a challenge.

I’ve been blogging for a while now though and I’ve sort of (still getting there!) taught myself how to manage them both.

Here are some tips you may find helpful if you are a mum like me trying to make a real go of this whole blogging thing:

  • Set aside seperate times for blogging and family. I.e. Don’t blog when you’re meant to be spending time with the family and vice versa
  • Try to plan and become more organized with the running of your blog (content ideas, template, write down any ideas, etc)
  • Download your blogs app on your phone so that you can work on the go

That’s all I have to share with you for now, I’m still learning myself, if you too are a mum blogger and have any tips or advice that make juggling blogging and family life easier, please feel free to share!

15 facts about Kory

  • His full name is Kory George Lonsdale
  • He is 8 months old
  • He was born 6 weeks early
  • He weighed 4lb 7oz when he was born
  • His birthday is the 8th of August
  • He loves to smile
  • Everyone says he looks just like me
  • He loves food!
  • He is honestly such a mummy’s boy
  • He doesn’t like being held much
  • He loves being outdoors
  • He has two teeth
  • He is such a funny baby
  • He loves animals, just like his mum
  • Teletubbies are his favourite thing to watch on tv