You are amazing

To the mum who has locked herself away because she needs just one minutes peace,

To the mum who feels so tired that all she wants is to go back to bed,

To the mum who is crying to herself because she shouted at her kids for something little and now feels guilty,

To the mum that doesn’t like what she sees when she looks in the mirror,

To the mum that feels like she just can’t deal with leaving the house right now,

To the mum that is ordering take out again because she just doesn’t have the energy to make dinner,

To the mum that feels like she’s lost her identity and is just ‘mum’ now,

You are amazing.

Motherhood is hard.

I mean really hard, probably harder than we could have ever imagined. 

Please don’t think that it’s just you who finds it hard, believe it or not – it’s hard for all of us, some of us just don’t speak about it.

It doesn’t matter that you lock yourself in the bathroom for some peace and quiet, it’s okay that you want to go back to bed because you’re just so god damn tired and it’s perfectly alright if you order take out for the 3rd time this week. What your kids see when they look at you is a mum who is trying her best, your kids look up to you and they think you are amazing.

That’s because you are.

You are amazing.


I’m back!

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent from my blog lately. I’ve been mad busy organising Kory’s 1st birthday.

How is it that in 1 short weeks time my baby will be turning 1 years old?!

I know everyone always says this but


I was always told that the first year of my baby’s life would go by so fast and I just sort of nodded and agreed but it honestly does! I don’t think I’m ready for my baby to turn 1 just yet!

It’s crazy that I feel like Kory has always been a part of my life, I can’t remember what I did with my time before he was here but yet at the same time, it feels to me like he was born just yesterday.

And who knew that planning a 1st birthday party took so much planning, prepping and organising! 

Well, I say party. It’s not a huge party, it’s more like a little tea party. Just a few close friends and family

but still!

I have to say, I’m glad his next birthday isn’t until next year!

Buying presents, decorations, food, invitations, cake and then wrapping the presents, writing and sending the invitations, choosing the perfect cake and on the day I’ve still yet to prep the food, place the decorations and clean the house from top to bottom all whilst running round after an excited 1 year old!

As excited as I am to celebrate Kory’s 1st birthday with him, planning his birthday party hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve done!

So anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to but now I’m back and I won’t be leaving it as long next time.

Why I’m proud of my blog

I started my blog just under a year ago now and I feel like I have achieved a lot in that time.

Because of my blog I have been given opportunities to work along side companies, received freebies, made friends and developed myself.

My blog has helped me to grow and appreciate people. Without sounding completely big headed, my blog has helped people. Maybe not much and maybe in the smallest of ways but knowing that at least one person has read something that i’ve wrote and felt better about themselves makes me so happy.

This is one of the exact reasons why I started my blog to begin with. I wanted to share my experiences of motherhood with others in the hope that they don’t feel alone.

Blogging is something I started but never thought I would actually stick with. I grew to love my blog and what I was doing.

I’ve worked hard on my blog, I plan my posts, I’m always looking for ideas and inspiration and when I do write, I put a lot of time, attention and effort into my work. I’ve put as much of myself as possible into my blog because I want people to know who I am and I want to share with people this journey.

There have been times when I’ve felt like i’m not getting anywhere and asked myself ‘why am I even doing this?’ but I haven’t given up. My blog has been something I’ve been able to turn to during my rollercoaster of emotions and I don’t know what I would have done had I not been able to write down all of my thoughts and feelings. I’ve always been better at writing my thoughts rather than speaking them.

Even when I don’t get many views or comments for a while, I keep writing because my blog has been what’s kept me going sometimes. I don’t just blog for others, I blog for myself too.

Occasionally, I read my older posts just to get a sense of how much I’ve progressed as a writer since starting and it’s great for me to reflect on my improvement. My blog has grown and I have grown with it.

I’m proud of my blog.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog – stop lurking and start writing!

All you really need to start a blog is the desire to do so.

Oh and if you’re wanting to start a parenting blog, maybe one or more kids too…

What is the first step?

It’s best to start with a free hosting website, such as or a similar site and start a blog using their existing set up. (Like I have!) Your URL (the address people type in to get to your site) will look something like this: (

The advantage of free blog hosting is that it’s free (obviously), it’s simple to use and you can have your blog up and running within a few minutes. If you’re starting a blog just for fun or as a way to keep your family and friends informed, it may be worth just sticking to free hosting but if you’re looking to take blogging a bit more seriously and are wanting a wider audience, free hosting has some limitations.

With free hosting the options for changing your blogs appearance are limited, ads sometimes appear on your blog (which can be annoying) and the name of the host is always embedded in your URL, meaning you don’t just get to be ( when using free hosting. Also, it’s more difficult to be found online if you use free hosting as search engines favour self-hosted blogs.

What’s involved in self hosting?

With self hosting, first you will need to register your URL ( with a domain name service. There are many to choose from, some cheaper than others, some more user friendly, etc. Google ‘register a domain name’ to see what I mean. Whatever service you decide to use, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can sign up for multiple years, however I suggest starting with just one year to see how you feel about blogging before commiting yourself and investing any additional money.

After you’ve secured your domain name, you then need to find someone to host your blog for you. As with domain name services, there are many hosting options out there, some places offer both domain names and hosting.

What should I call my site?

What you call your site is totally up to you. I’d recommend something that makes it clear what your site is about. Make sure that the name of the site sounds ok when you say it out loud too if you want to be taken seriously.

What should I write about?

Anything you want. Just be yourself. My blog is a parenting/mum/lifestyle blog so I try to keep my content relevant to that.

How often should I write?

As little or as often as you like. I try to write at least 1 post per week.

How do I make money from my blog?

If you’re hoping to make money by blogging then you will have to get lots of people to visit your blog (also known as traffic) and give them a reason to keep coming back by providing content that’s either helpful, fun to read or both.

Here are some ways to do so:

Affiliate links: You get a commission when people click on the link you’ve provided on your blog and buy the product or service you’ve recommended. 

Advertisements: On mum blogs, these are usually display ads that run in the sidebars of the blog.

Sponsored posts: A company pays you to write a post about one of their products.

Selling products or services: For example, if you write about crocheting on your blog, you may decide to write an ebook about crocheting and sell it on your site.

One perk of mummy blogging is all the great stuff people have sent over for me to try and review. If you are lucky enough to experience this too, you’re legally required to disclose these arrangements when you write about them. For example at the end of your review, you would write something along the lines of: (Organix PR sent me some of their products to review and write about on my site. All views are my own.)

And that’s all there is to it really!

So, if you’re thinking of starting your own blog, stop lurking and start writing today!

The mum police

You know what motherhood needs? More inconsiderate, opinionated know-it-all, judgemental mothers.

AKA – the mum police.

Said no-one ever.

We’re all mums, we’re all going through this journey called motherhood and we all know just how difficult parenting can be. You would think that this would create some sort of understanding, mutual support and even respect but it doesn’t. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Somehow, despite having children to look after, homes to run and some of us jobs to work too, some mothers still manage to find the time to judge each other.

And this judgement starts way before your child is even born. I’ve seen mothers be criticised because they wanted to find out the sex of their baby, because of the names they liked for their little one, for their chosen birth plan. The list goes on and on! I think it’s ridiculous. It’s their baby, their decision and it’s gonna be their journey. We’re all different, what may work for one of us may not work for another, we all have our own way of doing things but we should be able to have enough respect for each other to keep our disagreeing thoughts and opinions to ourselves.

I’ve experienced this myself.

Sometimes it’s not always direct and bitchy but it doesn’t have to be. I don’t appreciate being questioned by other mums for the choices I make when it comes to my own child. I shouldn’t feel like I have to explain myself when the decision is completely mine.

Just the other day, I posted a picture of Kory eating an ice cream and another mum felt the need to comment and ask whether or not it was safe for him to have dairy and sugar because she avoids giving her child dairy until their 1 years old and did eating a full ice cream not give him a bad tummy.

I’m his mum. If the ice cream was going to harm him, do you think I would have given it him? She’d already assumed just by looking at a picture of him eating an ice cream that he must have eaten it all when in actual fact, he just had a few mouthfuls. And as for her not giving her child dairy till they’re 1, good for her! If she had known me personally she would have known that Kory is turning 1 in just a matter of weeks anyway. I think the fact that she didn’t even know me on a personal level but felt like it was okay to pass judgement p!ssed me off even more.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we’re all parents and we all know being parents isn’t always easy. Be kind to one another and worry less about what others are doing and enjoy your own journey with your own children.

Be proud of your mum tum!

Your body after having children is nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s something you should be proud of! Your body has grown a human being and brought them into this world. How amazing is that!

After having Kory, I found there is a lot of pressure for mums to spring back into shape and get their bodies back to exactly how they were before they had children. I don’t know about anyone else but I was far too busy looking after a newborn and far too sleep deprived to care about my weight or what my body looked like!

Even before having a child, I was never happy with my body or the way that I looked, I’ve always covered myself up, I’ve never wore tight, clingy or cropped clothes, I always opt for baggy tops or sweaters. Even when pregnant I tried to cover my bump as best I could, comments like ‘oh you’re getting big!’ really made me want to hide away. But after giving birth to Kory, I would look back at old pictures of myself and wish I looked how I did back then. When I thought I was ‘fat’. I wouldn’t say I’m fat now even after having a child but I will admit that my body isn’t what it used to be. I do have wobbly bits in places I didn’t before but you know what, I’m okay with that and you should be too! I’m not bursting with confidence, I still wouldn’t wear anything tight or clingy but I have grown to love my body because of what it has given me.

My son.

I’m proud of my mum tum and you should be too!

Baby travel essentials

So as I’ve said before, we’ve booked our first family holiday! We’re going to Greece, Crete in September.

It will be the first time little Kory has come on holiday with us, our first holiday abroad as a family of 3.

This makes it Kory’s first holiday, his first time flying and his first time leaving the country. As his mum, I can tell you I am just as nervous about this as I am excited!

I want to make this holiday as smooth and enjoyable as possible for us so I have written a list of what essential items I am taking with us to Greece that I think will be helpful when travelling with our little one.

  • Dummies! (I know now that I do not want to be trapped on a plane with Kory without a dummy!)

  • Snacks (Crisps, biscuits, fruit packs, ect.) Whatever it is that your child likes, just a little something to keep them occupied and stop them from getting hungry.
  • Buggy
  • Handheld toys (If your child has a favourite toy or teddy that they like, be sure to bring it with you to keep them entertained.)
  • Baby blanket (I will be bringing Kory’s favourite blanket with us on holiday, not just incase he wants to sleep on the flight but also as a comforter. Something from home.)

  • Drink/Bottle
  • Formula. If your baby still has milk, be sure to take enough of that with you. If you aren’t wanting to take a great big tin of formula with you or be making bottles whilst on holiday, I can tell you that those ready to use milk cartons come in handy and are very helpful when on the go.
  • Nappy bags

  • Nappies
  • Swim nappies (Disposable or reusable) we are going on holiday for 7 days so I will be taking two washable swim nappies and 1 pack of disposable swim nappies.

  • Wipes

  • Suncream (Make sure you use a high factor suncream on your child. Also be sure to check the uvb star rating because although a suncream may claim to be factor 50, it may only have a 3 star uvb rating, however, a factor 50 suncream with a 5 star uvb rating is a lot stronger.) 

  • Mosquito/insect repellent


  • Disposable bibs (When you’re on holiday the last thing you want to be doing is trying to wash any used bibs or be trying to find somewhere to buy bibs whilst on holiday. These disposable bibs are cheap to buy and can just be thrown after use.)

  • Clothes (Lots of tshirts, vests, swimsuits and shorts. Babies are messy and you will want spare clothes.)

  • Hats (hats, hats and more hats. Hats are important for protecting babies and children from sun burn on their heads. Also Kory is really good at losing hats so it’s good to have spares.)

  • Swimsuit
  • Baby shampoo
  • Plastic spoons, knives and fork

If you too are travelling with your baby for the first time, I hope this list of baby travel essentials helps to ease your journey.

Or maybe your a pro at travelling with little ones and have some tips you could share with us first timers!

Every single night!

Every single night after i’ve put Kory to bed, I watch him as he sleeps and I forget how much of a pain in the ass he’s been that day, I forget that just minutes before he finally gave in and fell asleep, he’d been fighting his sleep for over an hour.

Every single night I look down at how innocent he looks when he’s sleeping and I am filled with guilt.

Good old mum guilt.

I punish myself for the mistakes I made that day. For losing my patience with him when he just didn’t listen, for getting angry when I needed to tidy the house and he wouldn’t let me, I punish myself when I think I didn’t spend enough time with him, organising activities and learning him new things, for us spending too much time in front of the tv and not enough time playing, for sticking a mini pizza in the oven for tea instead of making him something healthy and homemade.

I punish myself every. single. night.

The thing is, they don’t give you lessons on how to be a good parent, all I can do is try my best at this parenting thing, every day I’m winging it and hoping that my best will be good enough. I don’t mean to snap and lose my patience, I’m just tired. I’m trying to hold it all together but some days I feel like I could scream! I’m a mum who loves her son so much that it hurts to admit that sometimes it’s hard.

I’m just a mum who goes to bed every single night promising that I will do a better job tomorrow.

Let the birthday preparations begin!

So I’ve just come to the scary realisation that Kory’s 1st birthday is only 4 weeks away…


How is that even possible?! Where has this past year gone?! I’m not ready for my baby to turn 1 just yet!

And secondly,

Let the birthday preparations begin!

We’ve decided we’re just going to have a little get together at our house with close family and friends for Kory’s 1st birthday. I’m counting on the weather being nice so that we can hopefully have a bath a BBQ and have the bouncy castle out!

We agreed that we don’t really feel like we have to throw a great big party with lots of people and presents for Kory’s birthday. AS special as his 1st birthday is, I just don’t feel like it’s necessary as he isn’t old enough to understand that it’s his birthday yet. (No disrespect to anyone that does go all out for their child’s 1st birthday. Go you!)

Kory’s birthday lands on a Tuesday this year so the get together will take place on the Saturday before his birthday and on the Tuesday on his actual birthday, me and his dad are going to take him to build-a-bear.

So that’s the idea in place but here’s what I’ve still got to do:

  • Plan the birthday ✔️
  • Pick Kory’s birthday outfit ✔️
  • Buy birthday presents ✔️
  • Wrap presents
  • Write invitations list
  • Send invites
  • Buy food and drink
  • Prepare food (salad, pasta, pasties, sausage rolls, sandwiches)
  • Purchase disposable plates, cutlery and napkins
  • Buy decorations
  • Place decorations in garden and around house
  • Put up the bouncy castle
  • Choose a birthday cake

I think that’s everything anyway but I can’t be sure… I still can’t get over the fact that I am actually planning my baby’s 1st birthday!

Everyone always says ‘you will lose your friends when you have a baby’

Or ‘you will find out who your true friends are when you’ve had a baby’ and whilst that may be true, I’ve been lucky enough to still have a few close friends stick around.

I certainly realised who my true friends were. I did lose friends after having a baby, some friends did leave. Some were around throughout the pregnancy but never visited us after Kory was born, some friends visited once but then the novelty must have just worn off and other friends stayed and I’m thankful for those few.

I’m thankful that I did learn who my true friends are after having a baby.

The friends that have stuck around are the same friends that have always been there for me.


The same friends I know I could always turn to, the friends that have been there for every birthday, when we moved out, when we got engaged, when we found out we were pregnant, when we found out we were having a baby boy, when we had the baby and they’re still by our side today.

And now they’re right beside Kory every step of the way too.

They love him just as much as I do and I couldn’t of wished for a better group of friends or godparents to be a part of Kory’s life.